Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Iguana Grill

So, a very close friend of mine (love you, Mer) will soon be 25 years old. She wanted to have mexican with her amazing friends... the resturaunt of her choice, The iguana Grill. Now, there are a LARGE number of invties, because well, we are just so awesome, everyone wants to be our friend. On Monday, I thought I would call the Iguana Grill and inquire about reservations, since we can't just walk in and ask for a table for 25. Cliff Notes version of the conversation with the "senorita" that answered the phone.

Senorita: Iguana Grill
Me: Yes, Mam... can you tell me to accept reservations, or do call ahead seating?
Senorita: Hola, Iguana Grill
Me: Do you take reservations?
Senorita: Si, what would you like to order?
Me: No, I don't want to order anything. I would like to make reservations.
Senorita: Hola, Iguana Grill.
Me: Reservaciones?
Senorita: Heh?
Me: Re-ser-va-tions?
Senorita: Heh?
Me: RESERVATIONS!!(I am in fact yelling.)
Senorita: Si, Uno Momento.

She then gave the phone to another Senorita whose english was a tiny bit better. A similar but not as long conversation. She did in fact take my reservation, thankfully.


Natalie said...

i used to be your friend, i think. back in the day when you wanted keith and i to hang out. :(

Lindsay Beth said...

Woo! Iguana Grill!