Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your mom goes to college....

I have absolutely ZERO excuse for not updating for the (maybe) 3 people who read this. Sorry to the 3 of you...My life these days consists of Sleep, Studying, and Football.

My sleep is regulated thanks to a wonderful thing called Melatonin. My friend, Karey suggested I purchase some Melatonin because I was having a hard time sleeping. My lack of sleep had put me in a really crappy mood. And I mean really crappy. Since, I have started taking it I sleep just the perfect amount...no more or less than I need. It's amazing.

Studying... Oh boy, I'm sick of it! I'm praying for serious discipline these days, because I straight up don't wanna do it anymore. If I could get away with not taking my boreds I would do it. But alas, this is not an option.

Football... Well, all I can say is Roll Tide. :) Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

Another activity I have chosen to participate in is... watching my boys play basketball on Monday nights. So far they haven't won any games, which doesn't make any sense to me because they have talented basketball players on the team. Don't get it. But, they look awfully handsome in their uniforms. I know that's not what they are going for, but it sure does make it alot easier to watch. Ha ha! They can be total punks sometimes... but, regardless I love those boys.