Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Banning of Carrie from work...

Thank you swine flu. No I do not have it.
But... the 6 year old who slept in the same bed with me all weekend does.
When I was informed Kaleb had the swine flu I immediately changed my sheets, and wiped everything with alcohol. As if that would help things... I have already been exposed.
A phone call from by boss Eva told me to stay at home until I was certain I did not have the flu.
Sounds racist.... but, Stupid Mexicans. Why did they have to bring it over?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Things to do while driving in the car alone

Because of the long commute, I have recently been spending alot of time in the car. This has enabled me to create new and somewhat interesting things to do while in the car alone.

1. Hold a mini-concert. Staring-you... With special guest whatever artist you choose.
** Sunday it was me, with special guest, Hanson circa 1997.

2. Solve World Hunger- Ok, I'm not quite there yet.

3. Possible names for unborn children

4. The quoting of "Friends".
*** My favorite... Oh, God! Can Open, Worms Everywhere!

5. The Wave game. I wave at random people. Count how many wave back.

6. Watch the miles add up on the car... and think about how I am NEVER going to get a decent amount of money for this car.

More to come... as it appears I will have a long commute for a little while longer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I absolutely did NOT....

I plead the 5th.

I absolutely did not.....

Buy 3 new kinds of deep conditioner, just so I could see which one works better.

I absolutely did not.....

Purchase old choir songs on itunes, only so I could "reminisce" with myself about the good ole' days, and then later hold a mini concert for Ali via phone.

I absolutely did not....

Act like a total baby while getting a shot... 2 days in a row.

I absolutely did not....

get into trouble at work for laughing at a man's nose job.
(according to the man, his nostrils were so big, he could fit two fingers in one of them.)

I absolutely did not....

Get sucked into an America's Next Top Model marathon, and then later boycott because I did not agree with the winner.

I absolutely did not....

Steal this from someone else's blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Pet Peeve's

1. Chewed Pens in the church pew- I spoke about this in an earlier post, but it is an ongoing annoyance. Who on earth can possibly think that is a good idea to put a public pen in your mouth?!?! It may be the grossest thing ever. Period.

2. Facebook/Twitter Status Oversharing- It is not appropriate to tell about your labor progression or bladder infection via your facebook/twitter status. Certain things are private and it is not necessary to share it with me or the other 4000 people who could read it.

3. OVERLY-flirty girls- I do not know a single guy who is worth you making a fool out of yourself over... AND if he actually wants you to throw yourself at him, he is not quality, he does not respect you, please do yourself a favor and get the heck away from him.

4. Un-returned calls/texts- It's just rude. The no-time excuse is old and tired, and I don't buy it. It takes 3 seconds to text someone back... If you don't have 3 seconds to spare, you have a serious problem. *If you are not returning call/text because you don't wanna talk to that person... Grow up and face it. Its never as bad as you think.

5. Excessive PDA- Exercise some self control or Get a room.

6. I am totally Jealous so... I will say bad things about you/your friends/your family.
Um, Hello! High School called, it's wants the drama back. Again, Grow up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here's my concern...

With my board exam about a month away, I am super stressed. I am not ready for this. Yes, I still have a month.
But, here's the problem. During this month I have to:
1. Work... Just because class is almost over doesn't mean the bills stop.
2. Clinical Assessment.- These are done at Princeton Hospital, and are a HUGE portion of my stress. This is where I must prove to the clinical director that I have gained enough skills(80%) to be a graduate of this program. If I make a 79%, I do not graduate. Scary. Especially since about 10 items on the 5 page list I have never seen before.
3. Find a job...

I am lacking some serious discipline. I've almost given up, and it's far too early for that!
Prayers please! I'm not sure how else I'm gonna get through this.

P.S. Sorry for the gloomy post. I have a heavy heart right now.