Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ya know what really gets on my nerves?

I think from time to time we humans need to vent, otherwise we will explode... I'm pretty certain of that... I have certain friends who usually get the brunt of my venting, however there are some things that I CANNOT vent enough about...

1. Chewed pens in the church pew-- Why would someone do that? Okay... Eww.... I wouldn't even begin to know whose hands those pens have been in. And people stick them in their mouth!! I don't understand.... also, please be considerate and think of others who will be forced to use your chewed pen.

2. Tuscaloosa Cops-- Alright enough is enough.... the whole world knows that you are in fact about 65% Auburn fans.... So it's time to be an actual cop, and arrest real criminals, and stop picking on Bama stars and charging them with bogus charges, i.e. Disorderly Conduct

3. Flakey People-- I absolutely cannot tolerate people who say that they will do something and don't follow through... It's seriously not going to hurt my feelings if you say no.

4. People who use their car horn too much-- I don't enjoy getting honked for something beyond my control. It's just rude...

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