Monday, August 24, 2009

Things to do while driving in the car alone

Because of the long commute, I have recently been spending alot of time in the car. This has enabled me to create new and somewhat interesting things to do while in the car alone.

1. Hold a mini-concert. Staring-you... With special guest whatever artist you choose.
** Sunday it was me, with special guest, Hanson circa 1997.

2. Solve World Hunger- Ok, I'm not quite there yet.

3. Possible names for unborn children

4. The quoting of "Friends".
*** My favorite... Oh, God! Can Open, Worms Everywhere!

5. The Wave game. I wave at random people. Count how many wave back.

6. Watch the miles add up on the car... and think about how I am NEVER going to get a decent amount of money for this car.

More to come... as it appears I will have a long commute for a little while longer.

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