Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here's my concern...

With my board exam about a month away, I am super stressed. I am not ready for this. Yes, I still have a month.
But, here's the problem. During this month I have to:
1. Work... Just because class is almost over doesn't mean the bills stop.
2. Clinical Assessment.- These are done at Princeton Hospital, and are a HUGE portion of my stress. This is where I must prove to the clinical director that I have gained enough skills(80%) to be a graduate of this program. If I make a 79%, I do not graduate. Scary. Especially since about 10 items on the 5 page list I have never seen before.
3. Find a job...

I am lacking some serious discipline. I've almost given up, and it's far too early for that!
Prayers please! I'm not sure how else I'm gonna get through this.

P.S. Sorry for the gloomy post. I have a heavy heart right now.

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