Monday, August 17, 2009

My Pet Peeve's

1. Chewed Pens in the church pew- I spoke about this in an earlier post, but it is an ongoing annoyance. Who on earth can possibly think that is a good idea to put a public pen in your mouth?!?! It may be the grossest thing ever. Period.

2. Facebook/Twitter Status Oversharing- It is not appropriate to tell about your labor progression or bladder infection via your facebook/twitter status. Certain things are private and it is not necessary to share it with me or the other 4000 people who could read it.

3. OVERLY-flirty girls- I do not know a single guy who is worth you making a fool out of yourself over... AND if he actually wants you to throw yourself at him, he is not quality, he does not respect you, please do yourself a favor and get the heck away from him.

4. Un-returned calls/texts- It's just rude. The no-time excuse is old and tired, and I don't buy it. It takes 3 seconds to text someone back... If you don't have 3 seconds to spare, you have a serious problem. *If you are not returning call/text because you don't wanna talk to that person... Grow up and face it. Its never as bad as you think.

5. Excessive PDA- Exercise some self control or Get a room.

6. I am totally Jealous so... I will say bad things about you/your friends/your family.
Um, Hello! High School called, it's wants the drama back. Again, Grow up!

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