Friday, January 15, 2010

The CRT examination

Note: This post is mildly self centered. It is for my own good, and probably offers no entertainment value.

This coming week I will sit for the Certified Respiratory Therapist Exam. To say I am intimidated would be an understatement. I have been studying several hours a day for the last couple of weeks, done several mock exams... what am I so afraid of? So in order to ease my own mind I have listed The positives and Negatives of the situation.

1. I have passed most mock exams by a good 10 points.
2. I generally perform well under pressure.
3. I still have a job regardless if I pass on the first attempt or not.

1. Only ONE of my classmates has passed. 10 have taken it, 1 has passed it.
~This is enough information to send me over the edge.
2. Failing does result in yet another $190 fee.(I don't have)
Major prayer will be needed this week. MAJOR.

The thing about this exam that frustrates me the most is the simple fact that I won't use 70% of this crap I'm attempting to commit to memory. But, I suppose thats life.

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